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Roam’n Relics Car Show

On October 27th, the city of Moorpark was the location for the annual Roam’n Relics Car Show. It was also the morning that I got one heckuva thigh burning workout. It all started when I got up later than I wanted, rolled out of bed, threw on clothes, made a quick pit stop, grabbed my camera and tripod and was out the door at 6:50 a.m. What did I forget in my early morning stupor? My polarizing filter, my neutral density filter and a piece of gum come to mind.

It’s about a one mile walk from my house to the beginning of the event, I then walked another 1+ mile along High Street (up, back then up again), doing deep squats for most of the shots. I then had a 1 mile walk home…the dogs still needed to be walked but that’s another story.

So without further ado, here are some of the photos from the show.

Owners with a sense of humor:

I thought I’d be able to post more photos below, but I have to get back on the old laptop as what I had done in Lightroom didn’t transfer over to the new laptop. Also, since I shoot in RAW I need to convert the post processed images to JPGs. Next year I will hopefully remember my polarizing filter! 🙂

Flames, Pinstriping, Lettering:

Hood Ornaments, Emblems/Logos, Body Parts:

Curves and Lines:
Coming Soon

Don’t forget to check back soon for more images. 🙂


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