Doi In Cee Buddha

Doi In Cee Buddha

Three years ago today was very special. Through the hotel we were staying at, we hired a driver to take us to four locations in one day! Needless to say there was a lot of driving, and walking – at two of the places.

Our first stop of the day was at Doi Tung Royal Villa & Mae Fah Luang Garden. I could have spent the whole day just exploring the Villa and the garden below; we had to hurry through the “Hall of Inspiration” to get back and meet up with the driver.

Before we went to our second stop, the driver took us to a restaurant for lunch. After a delicious meal we were on our way to Khun Korn Waterfall with a 1,400 meter hike through some of the most beautiful scenery. I made it to the Fall! My friend, who had just had hip surgery earlier that year, decided to stop and wait for me about one quarter of the way into the hike. I was soaking wet by the time I got to the waterfall, but it was/is so worth it!

Our third stop was to a Karen tribe area where we were going to get to feed elephants. I was surprised at how rough the top side of the trunk is compared to the smooth bottom side.

Finally, our fourth stop was to Doi In Cee. One of these days I want to be there when the sun comes up, instead of late in the afternoon when we got there. The view is absolutely breathtaking and seeing the white Buddha brought me to tears  when I zoomed into the face.

This photo will always hold a special place in my heart.

Doi In Cee Buddha

Face of the, much larger than life, Buddha that sits at the top of Doi In Cee
(Outside of Chiang Rai, Thailand) 2010


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