Ignorance is Bliss

Thomas Gray coined the phrase “Ignorance is Bliss” and I have found it to be so true on many occasions. Taking this picture was/is a good example of that phrase.

I was in Thailand (in 2009) when I saw this bird behind a fence. I had never seen it before, much less heard of it. In fact the next day I went back to take a picture of the sign to remind me what the bird was…a Cassowary. I loved its beautiful colors and unusual look and wanted a picture of it sans chain link fence. With camera in hand I put it over the fence to capture the bird eating. The bird had another idea, and was probably curious as to what was close to it. It started to raise its head which made me raise my arm/hand/camera while one finger was waiting on the shutter button. Its head was now above the top of the fence as it “moved in for the kill”. I pushed the shutter button and quickly moved my hand away as its mighty beak came crashing shut within inches of my fingers. I could actually feel the air rushing out against my hand.

Fast forward to earlier this year (2013) when I read that the Cassowary is THE MOST dangerous bird in the world! Knowing what I now know about the bird would I take that chance again? You betcha!! In a heartbeat. In fact in 2010 when I was back in Thailand at the place where I took this picture, I tried to get another “good” shot of the bird. Unfortunately the bird was not wanting anything to do with me. 😦


THE MOST dangerous bird in the world…the Cassowary

Taken with the Sony HX-1. Settings were:
ISO 125
Aperture: f/4
Shutter Speed: 1/80 sec.


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