Hummingbird Friend

My Hummingbird Friend

2009 was a great year for me…I was playing the Prosperity Game, went to Palau and Thailand AND had some great experiences with hummingbirds in our local park (while walking the dogs). I learned a lot about the different sounds they make that year, so now, even though I may not see them, if I hear one of the sounds they make I start looking around for them.

This particular hummingbird was hanging out in one of the trees in the park. After it flew away to another tree close by I hid on the opposite side and waited for it to fly back. This is one of my favorite shots of the series.

Hummingbird Friend

Hummingbird Friend

Gear used/Specs:
Sony HX-1 at 100mm
ISO 125
Aperture: f/5.2
Shutter Speed: 1/250


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