Abstract Roof

Architectural Abstract, or Geometric Abstract

I’m still in the process of organizing my (lots and lots of years worth of) photos. I came across a folder titled Mother’s Day at Getty Center and saw that the date wasn’t within my year/moth folder structure.

My mom happened to be in town so the whole family got together and met at the new Getty Center (not to be confused with the old Getty Center off of Pacific Coast Highway) for lunch and strolling around. I was enjoying the modern architecture of the buildings more than the artwork within. At one of the buildings I looked up and saw this design/pattern that let the sky come through and took a couple of photos. Now I love color photography, I’m not crazy about black and white, but the blue sky with this design just didn’t convey what I saw. So, in Lightroom I converted it to black and white, then played around with the split toning and finally added some grain. Since the first step to any building is a blueprint that was the look I was going for. Let me know if you think I got close. I know it’s not the same bluish color, but the graininess has that textured paper look/feel.

Abstract Roof

Abstract Roof

Taken with the Canon PowerShot S3 IS in May of 2009
ISO: 80
Focal Length: 31.2mm
Aperture: f/4.5
Shutter Speed: 1/1600

Post processed in Lightroom


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