Smiling Squirrel Button

Zazzle (stores) Update

I have three stores on for my different styles of photography. With one from this site coming soon…

Hummingbird Dreams Photography has my new style of photography which is mostly multiple exposure flower images with a lot of experimental photography.

Visions of Northern Thailand was created for the photos I took on two trips to Thailand; there you will find Buddha statues, Nagas and various statues (more still to come). was created with the premise of “Only looking for things that make me feel good!” There you will mostly find animals that “smiled” for me, or one of my dog looking ‘Blissed Out’. I will be closing this store at the end of the month (May 31, 2014) and moving the images/products to DS Photography and Graphics. I plan on re-post-processing the images before creating the products.

DS Photography and Graphics is coming soon.

My biggest seller is the Smiling Squirrel, more specifically the Smiling Squirrel Button…I just noticed that I’ve never done a post about this squirrel. That will be taken care of soon, after the post for the Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring.

Smiling Squirrel button
Smiling Squirrel button by Joy_Seeker_dot_com
View Squirrel Buttons online at zazzle


Just for the fun of it, I’ve been using Google Maps to view where buyers are from. It’s fun to look at…seeing where in the world people are buying my photographs. Clicking on any of the blue markers will show you what was bought. You can also zoom in and out of the map.

Updated map 5/3/2014

I feel extremely appreciative to each and every person who has bought something from my stores. I also appreciate, and other sites like them, that give us a chance to put our photographs/artwork on a wide variety of items.


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