Weekly Photo Challenge - On the Move 3

Weekly Photo Challenge: On the Move

The Weekly Photo Challenge that came out this past Friday was “On the Move” where we can share our interpretation of said challenge. The following photos are my interpretation of being “On the Move”.

The first image was taken at the beach near the Channel Islands Harbor. It was an hot August morning and the meetup group was looking for some relief from the heat.

Image #2 – I have always loved the look of the Saturn Sky, even the name sounded cool. One day, while heading North, there was one ahead of our car…and I had my camera with me!! Needless to say I was a happy gal. 🙂

Image #3 – The area where I live is somewhat of an agricultural spot, driving on the two-lane road to pick up the 101 further North-West will give you a view like this.

Image #4 – This shot was more of an accident. In the area in front of Thai Pae Gate there were two guys taking photographs of the pigeons. They took turns feeding them out of their hands. I was trying to take pictures of that, but my (at the time) Sony HX-1 kept focusing on the buildings across the street. I decided to zoom out a little to capture the birds flying, but again the camera focused across the street. So, long story short, the birds are out of focus and I had no idea this guy was walking past (camera was in continuous shooting mode).

The next three images have already been used in posts on this blog. Here, here and here.

Thank you for checking out my interpretation of “On the Move”. To see how others interpret it, click here.

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