Chiang Mai Buddha 1

Chiang Mai Buddha 1

I love learning and experimenting. Since I started using Perfect Photo Suite 8.0/8.5 I’ve been attending onOne Software’s webinars and watching the videos on YouTube while waiting to fall asleep. Recently I discovered Doug Landreth and have been watching his videos/tutorials. Last night, while looking for a video tutorial to watch before falling asleep, I found Jim DiVitale. Not only did I not fall asleep, I could feel my brain kick into high gear as photo montages passed before my inner eye(s).

Today, it was time to experiment! Using Lightroom, Perfect Layers, four images I took in Thailand and one of Doug Landreth’s textures I put together the image you see here.

Chiang Mai Buddha 1

Available in my zazzle store, TravelVisions, on wood canvas or as a poster. Leave a comment below if you would like this image on a product other than “wall art”.

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