Cosmic Experience

Did you notice the change?

In name, that is. I’m entering a new chapter of creativity! I’m still passionate about photography, but as the heat (temperature) rises my level of wanting to be outside taking pictures lowers…I need to be creative so I’ve been playing around with mixing digital media. You may have noticed a few of the photos I’ve posted had images from the Hubble Space Telescope mixed in; on my other photoblog I was creating new images using photos of flowers I had taken and I was having fun creating those images, but it wasn’t why I had created that site or taken on that name.

I’ve taken some time off from both blogs to think about where I want to go next with my creativity. I’ve been exploring new software that creates fractals, flames and fractal flames and will be experimenting with those creations mashed up with my photography to create new “visionary digital art”…hence the addition to DS Photography and the exclusion of “& Graphics”.

Here are a couple of images I’ve been playing around with. The first one was put together in Perfect Photo Suite 8.5 using 6+ layers. There is an image from the Hubble Telescope, 1 layer was created in the demo version of Flame Painter 3 (you can kinda sorta make out the “F” that is part of the demo watermarking), 1 layer was created in Apophysis 7x, 1 layer was a purple background, and there were 3-5 layers that I created in Chaotica.

Digital Mixed Media 1

Cosmic Experience

An early alternate to the image above using only images I created in Apophysis 7x (1 layer) and a few layers that were created in Chaotica – all layers were set to Luminosity for the blending mode (oh, and the purple background used in the above image).

Twisting the Night Away

Twisting the Night Away

I hope that you’ll continue to follow me on my new journey and thanks for taking the time to read this post.


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