Fractal Spotlight: the artist Xzendor7

These images are along the lines of what I’m looking to create to post to this site and sell in my stores.


Fractal manipulation composed of blue clouds, blue spikes, and a grey base “Ice Vision Of The Imperial View” by Xzendor7

Rolando Burbon, a.k.a. Xzendor7, is a artist on DeviantArt who specializes in fractal manipulations – images composed of multiple fractals. His artwork is very unique and very attractive, sometimes requiring hundreds of fractal elements.

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2 thoughts on “Fractal Spotlight: the artist Xzendor7

  1. Thanks Debbie, I’m glad you like my Fractal Art Compositions. I left a lengthy response at chronologicaldot, but essentially all that’s required is the patience to create object like looking fractals (it doesn’t matter what they look like – as long as the have form), an image editor that supports adjustment layers (you can use one that doesn’t but then you’re working in a destructive editing mode), and letting your minds eye and imagination take you on a ride. Currently I’m concentrating on creating fractal portraits and I’m slowly getting better at it. My best full fractal portrait is Daria Cyborg Queen; as I refine my technique I hope to be able to create any look I like using fractals.


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