Image 5

Playing With Reality

I’m really having a good time exploring many apps on the iPad mini. I thought I’d share before, during and after photos of a picture I took this past weekend. Clicking on the smaller photos will open up the original sized image.

Here is the original, unedited photo taken with the iPad’s camera.

Image 1

Original photo taken on the iPad mini

I thought I would try out a new (to me) app called Fragment. It is by the creators of another app I like called Matter. I tried several of the shapes before settling on the triangle and playing around with the look within the triangle.

Image 2

Triangle shape added in Fragment

Next I wanted to add some filters so I opened the previous image in Mextures until I had a look that I was liking.

Image 3

After playing with color effects and textures in Mextures.

Since I wanted more of a textured look I then opened the saved image in DistressedFX…now it was getting closer to the look I wanted.

Image 4

After adding more colored effects and textures in DistressedFX

My final step was to open the photo in LensLight where I added glint lens flare, bokeh, glow lines, glow circle and zero gravity flare. Here is the final image.

Image 5

After adding lighting effects in LensLight

Here is a list of the apps used and links to where you can find them in the iTunes store.

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