Waiting out the torrential rain storm

Weekly Photo Challenge: Humanity

For this week’s challenge, share what humanity means to you. Share a single photo or a collage to represent a sea of humanity.

I’m not into taking photos of people so my pickings are slim, but I like to call this entry Humans Being. The first three photos are from my trip to Palau in 2009 and the last three photos are from Thailand (2009/2010).

  • The first image is of a mother and daughter waiting their turn for the owner/dog look alike competition.
  • The next two photos were taken after five of us had gone snorkeling at Jellyfish Lake. We stopped at a really nice section of beach (on one of the islands) and had lunch before we continued our afternoon adventure.
  • The fourth photo was taken in Chiang Mai during Sunday Walking Street (Night Market), I noticed this little cutie staring off into space while she and her family were resting.
  • The fifth photo was taken at the Chiang Mai Zoo Aquarium. We had just finished visiting the indoor aquarium and were getting ready to walk around the zoo when we saw the torrential downpour. Everyone just wound up under a shelter where the food court was. This little boy was so cute that I had to ask his mom if I could take their picture.
  • The final photo was taken during our day of learning to cook Thai food. I loved how we all arrived as strangers from around the world with one thing in common, wanting to learn to cook/make Thai food. By the end of the day we hugged goodbye.

Thank you for visiting. For more entries click here.


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