Summoning the Master - Final

Summoning the Master

the master is summoned
from his meditative state
no longer hidden by his cloak
he shines brightly
for all to see

It all started as I was walking the dogs yesterday morning and one of the guys from a landscaping company was using a blower on the dirt. I was none too happy with the dirt hanging in the air and it made me walk a different way in the park. As luck would have it the dust made for an interesting scene. I grabbed the iPad mini from my cargo shorts pocket, started up ProCamera 7  and took a couple of shots. This is one of them. I also used the app to crop the photo from a 1:1 ratio to around a 16:9 ratio.

Summoning the Master - Original taken with ProCamera 7

Last night I got around to post processing the photo and started in the app Stackables. I wasn’t crazy about my first attempt, so I started from scratch, again, and ended up with 5 layers:

  1. Swamp (Overlay mode)
  2. Meadow (Color mode)
  3. Soft Clouds (Overlay mode)
  4. Avalanche (Overlay mode)
  5. Honey (Overlay mode)

I couldn’t get it exactly the way I would have liked so I saved the image.

Summoning the Master - After using the Stackables app

I remembered there were some cool presets in The Light Camera – Mark I so that is what I used next and the Etherland preset was exactly what I was looking for. It made both the greens and yellows pop and I finally had my magical mood! 🙂

Summoning the Master - After using Light Camera

After saving the photo I opened it up in LensLight and ended up with 4 layers:

  1. Semi Circle Ring (bokeh)
  2. Bokeh Overlay (bokeh)
  3. Rainbow (lights)
  4. Sparkle (lights)

Then I added Tiny Hex Dust from the Textures and Warm Filter from the Filters.

Summoning the Master - Final

Here is a list of the apps used and links to where you can find them in the iTunes store.

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