Love doesn’t make the world go ’round.
Love is what makes the ride worthwhile.

— Franklin P. Jones–


love is the answer

What started out as fallen leaves taken with the Harris Camera app turned into this piece of art. After post processing the leaves photo in Snapseed, I then opened up the saved file in iColorama to play around with some of the many features this app provides and turned it into an abstract background. Next I opened up the saved file in MasterFX and added the “love” text and other colorful lighting effects. I tried adding my watermark in MasterFX but it kept crashing the app so I ended up using iWatermark to add it to the image.

Here is a list of the apps used and links to where you can find them in the iTunes store.

7 thoughts on “l.o.v.e.

      • Yes, I’ve used it a few times, and also Master fx is brilliant, but for some reason it won’t unlock the purchases!
        My go to app is Snapseed, it’s a real shame Google bought it, as I read they don’t plan to develop it any more 😦


      • Sorry to hear that MasterFX isn’t unlocking your purchases…are you using it on your phone or the iPad version?
        I know Google stopped supporting snapseed for computers, but I haven’t seen anything about them not developing it further for mobile devices. When I just did a search, I saw that the are integrating snapseed into G+. I guess time will tell.
        And before I forget…again…thank you for your first comment. 🙂 🙂 🙂


      • I use the iPad. Having read the reviews, it seems I’m not the only one with issues, hoping they’ll fix it soon, I have a hankering to create some fantasy pics, which the app does so well.
        I do hope they will continue to support Snapseed, but I don’t recall anything new in terms of features for about 2 years. 🙂


      • Snapseed was just updated on Oct. 17 to fix a bug on iOS 8. I had only started using it last year on my Android tablet so I don’t know about new features that were added over time. The one “problem” I have with it is that when using “selective adjust” the numbers are so teeny-tiny and there is no oval around it…makes it difficult to see what number setting I’m using. I guess I should consider myself lucky that I don’t really have any problems with MasterFX, I like that I can save a session, but have not found a way to open the session at a later date. I’ve seen screenshots that show the option on the opening screen, but it doesn’t show up on my iPad mini.


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