Blue Vintage Car - Final


Day 3 of my learning/experimenting with iColorama was quite fun. I used another photo I took at the Roam’n Relics Car Show – PhotoBooth app, mirror image.

Blue Vintage Car - Before

Original photo taken with the PhotoBooth app/mirror image

In my playing around I saved two different looks which I later combined. The first one was created with Form>Tiles>13/20.

Blue Vintage Car - 1

One of my “tiled” saves

The second one was created with Form>Deforms>1/31

Blue Vintage Car - 2

One of my “deformed” saves

I then decided to try blending the two images together (Effects>Blend>Saturation then adjusted some settings) and see what would happen…well, here it is!

Blue Vintage Car - Final

Blended images and played around with the settings

Kind of reminds me of something created with a Spirograph…only more colorful! 🙂

Here is the app used and link to where you can find it in the iTunes store.

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