Path to Enlightenment

More “Glow”

I have a few more photos/images from my iPad mini, transferred to my laptop and played around with in Glow, to share.

“Path to Enlightenment” was transferred back to the iPad mini where I then used the “Rays” app to add the streams of light around the stamen.

Path to Enlightenment

Path to Enlightenment

The next set of images contains the original photo (taken with the Harris Camera app then contrast added in Snapseed) and two more photos using two different presets that come with the Glow program.

“The Seer” was created from a photo in iColorama until I got this design, I then brought it into Glow to give it this look.

The Seer

The Seer

I have no affiliation with Topaz Labs, but I highly recommend their new program Glow! They offer a 30-day trial so give it a try.

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