Happy New Year

New Year Update

I got a new “toy” for Christmas that I’d like to tell you about it’s the [5-in-1] RAVPower FileHub Wireless SD Card Reader with Built-in 3000mAh External Battery Pack, yes it’s a mouthful, but this little baby does just what I was looking for. In my quest to find items that I could travel with, that would be small, but let me create/process photos…I am now complete! Yay 🙂 I will no longer have to take a laptop with me. So here is my list with links to the items on amazon (amazon referral links):

It may look like a lot, but they are all such small items that they can fit nicely in an 8 inch square.

Travel Gear

Travel Gear – iPad mini, filehub, hard drive, camera and two lenses

Most people buy the filehub to stream music and movies to their wi-fi devices (phone or tablet); my use is different, I wanted to be able to wirelessly transfer photos from my SD card (taken out of the camera) and be able to process them on my tablet. With this unit also having an USB port I can transfer files from the SD card to my external portable hard drive using their app (Apple iOS/Android). My next post will be on using the device with the iOS app and will include screenshots to help you.

The other new news it that you can now find/follow me on tsu.co @ tsu.co/DSPhoto_DigitalArt – it’s the new social media platform that pays you for creating and sharing content. Right now you can only join via invitation, so click here to join. I just joined last night so I only have a few posts so far.

Tsu Screenshot Home page

Tsu Screenshot Home page

Here is what part of my page looks like right now…

Tsu Screenshot

Screenshot of my tsu.co page

I wish you all a very Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year!! Here’s to 2015!!!

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