Old Cars Rule

Old Cars Rule

I’m now up to 95 posts on Instagram but find I’ve been ignoring my websites…only because it’s much easier to post to Instagram from my iPad mini than it is to post to wordpress.

On December 9th Topaz Labs came out with a new program called Glow and recently I decided to give it a try. The interface is much nicer than Fractalius and for you Mac users…it works on your computers too (Fractalius is for Windows only). Other good news about Glow is that it runs standalone, no need for Photoshop or any other photo editor that uses photoshop compatible plug-ins! Yay!

Today’s photo was taken on October 26th at the Roam’n Relics Car Show and I used Perfect Photo Suite 9 to change the silver V8 with bar to gold (it was unintentional, but I liked the look better). I then opened up the saved image in Glow and found a preset that gave it a richer look. The final step was opening up that saved image in Corel’s PaintShop Pro X6 Ultimate to watermark the image and also create a square image instead of the rectangular shape I started with.

Glow is on sale for $49.99 until December 31st, normal price will be $69.99 after that. Oh, and there’s already an update available…version 1.0.1. A Beginner’s Guide to Glow is available on Topaz Labs’ blog.

Old Cars Rule

Old Cars Rule

There will be more posts coming soon as I continue to experiment with Glow on vintage cars.

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