Magpie’s Unite!

I was once told I was a “magpie” because I like “bright, shiny things”. If that is true, and, I guess in a way it is, then this calendar is for all the other magpie’s out there. Thailand offers such eye candy for me, from the gold painted temples and Buddha’s to the beautiful colored mirrors that sparkle and shine in the sun. Here are 12 colorful images sure to dazzle your inner magpie.

(Clicking on any of the images will bring up larger, scrollable pictures)

and March were taken at Warorot Market in Chiang Mai
February was found while walking around the perimeter of Old Town Chiang Mai
April and December were taken at Sunday Night Walking Street in Chiang Mai
May was found while trying to get “unlost” in Chiang Rai 🙂
June was taken of a monk walking on the other side of the moat in Chiang Mai. I loved the colorful reflection in the water.
July is a close up of a column at Wat Si Don Chai (also spelled Donchai) in Chiang Mai
August was found on one of the buildings at Wat Chedi Luang
September was found in a former prison, turned into a beautiful park, in Chiang Rai
October is a close up of a Naga
November was found at/near Wat Ban Ping

Calendar can be purchased in my store on zazzle.


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